10 SEO Tips You Need to Know

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is still a very big part of your company’s overall digital marketing strategy- or at least, it should be. However, as the Google search algorithm continues to change from year to year, SEO strategy must also evolve. Here are some of our best SEO tips to help boost your organic traffic and improve your search rankings in 2020.

  1. Speed is Key – One of the most critical factors in SEO is page speed. A slow-to-load web page could effectively kill your rankings when users become frustrated and decide to check out a faster website from a competitor instead. Make it a point to remove anything (large images, videos, etc.) that may be slowing your site down.
  2. Check Your Links – Links to other websites can be a great way to build your brand- unless the pages you are linking to are either missing or irrelevant. Check all the links on your website to ensure none are broken or leading to missing pages, or pages that have nothing to do with the topic at hand.
  3. Remember Your Audience – It’s important to stay mindful of the fact that you’re writing for humans first, search engines second. Instead of cramming a dozen local SEO keywords into one sentence in an effort to increase your page ranking, keep in mind that the best content simultaneously informs, entertains, and educates. Definitely sprinkle in those magic SEO keywords, but do remember to make it natural and fun to read as well!
  4. Get Quality Backlinks – The keyword here is “quality.” Backlinks are links to your page from other company websites or blogs and can be very helpful in driving your traffic if these pages already have a strong following. Try networking with successful bloggers or other companies in your industry to see if you can build a backlinking relationship.
  5. Track Your Success – It’s important to get web analytics in place from the moment you roll out your fresh SEO website content. Tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console can help you track page views, bounce rate, and even offer insight into how your page is being navigated- all helpful info for making the right tweaks to increase your search rankings.
  6. Get Meta – Don’t forget to pay attention to your pages’ meta descriptions- these are the short little blurbs on a search engine that tell the user what they can expect to find on your page. Making proper use of local SEO keywords can help boost your ranking and drive organic traffic to your site. Make each meta description unique to avoid duplicates, which can earn you penalties.
  7. Make Your URL Make Sense – Wow, some URLs tend to go on forever, don’t they? It’s best to keep them short and sweet, as well as relevant to the topic, so people aren’t faced with a confusing, miles-long URL that has nothing to do with the page title.
  8. Include Social Signals – You know those little icons for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter on a company’s website that link to their social media pages? They’re called social signals, and if you don’t use them already, now is the time to start! Build brand momentum by directing your visitors to like and follow you on social media.
  9. Add Keywords to Images – You can help your page rank higher for SEO keywords by adding them to the alt text in your site’s images. Users searching for a particular image will type in the relevant keywords, leading them to your site! Just be sure not to engage in “keyword stuffing,” which means inserting irrelevant keywords into an image just to rank higher. Nobody likes that, least of all Google.
  10. Keep Content Fresh – Publishing unique, consistently-updated content, like blog posts, is a great way to improve your rankings. However, since coming up with engaging new content at least once a week can be a real challenge for many business owners, they often choose to outsource this task to a professional content writer.

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