5 Companies Rocking Their Social Media Marketing

Is your company’s social media game on point, or could it use a little work? Not all social media marketing is created equal, and while some companies struggle to find the right tone, use cases or audience for their social media campaign, others totally know how to use social media to their advantage and reach the right audience at the right time with the right message. Here are 5 companies who are social media marketing goals for the rest of us- see if you can pick up some next-level social media skills to use for your own company!


Everyone’s favorite ride-sharing company relied on word-of-mouth to get it to the household name status it has today. Many an over-served college student has found his way back to the dorm thanks to Uber, and it’s mostly thanks to social media marketing! The company offers codes for discounts, free rides and other incentives in exchange for social media shares from loyal riders – a brilliant marketing move that simultaneously boosts the company’s social media presence, increases brand awareness, and builds a loyal following.


The diaper giant brings the human element to social media with its beautifully-directed mini-videos focused on the unconditional, loving bond between a parent and a child and I’m not crying, you’re crying! These emotion-packed videos are favorites among parents across the globe, as their message is one that any mother or father can instantly identify with; however, in a refreshing break from the constant bombardment of ads, no actual sales pitch takes place. The Pampers brand name speaks for itself, and the memorable videos Pampers shares on its Facebook page have more emotional impact than any direct marketing pitch ever could.


Is there anything more dull than office supplies? Staples knows this on some level, and cleverly uses social media to poke fun at mundane office life with witty pictures that are as entertaining as they are simple. Staples seems to get the underlying dose of irony that makes a good social media post great, and are pulling off the nigh-impossible feat of making us care about paper clips and Post-Its!


No post about social media marketing would be complete without mention of Dove and its socially-powerful Self Esteem Project. This campaign transcends marketing by bringing serious issues such as body-shaming, eating disorders and empowerment of women to the forefront of social media conversation, thanks to hashtags like #speakbeautiful and #mybeautymysay. The long-running campaign speaks out against sexism and marginalization of women in advertising and media, while also encouraging women of all sizes, colors and shapes to celebrate their unique beauty.



When you’re Nike, you can afford to get a little outside-the-box with your social media campaign, since everyone already knows your brand and logo is synonymous with athletic awesomeness. Using their Instagram account to showcase the talent, drive and determination of up-and-coming athletes, Nike was able to use social media to create a message of inspiration while still reminding consumers to #justdoit.

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The good news about social media marketing? You don’t have to be a multi-billion dollar corporation to make your mark and get some buzz going. The takeaway from all five of these companies’ social media marketing strategies is that they were not afraid to take risks, they understood the need to keep it human and accessible (it is called social media, after all) and above all, they spoke directly to their target audience rather than roll out a huge blanket advertisement. Now that these five companies have taken you to school, get out there and show what you learned with your own great social media marketing campaign!

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