5 Ways to Optimize Your Website Today

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a hot topic these days. Surely you’ve heard about SEO and how it can completely transform your business by driving your organic website traffic, improving your search engine rankings, and reducing your bounce rate. But how do you get started with optimizing your website for enhanced visibility and amped-up conversion rates? Here are five simple things you can start doing today to make your website SEO-friendly and get your business noticed by more of your target audience.

Optimize Page Titles and Descriptions

In case you aren’t sure how SEO works, here it is in a nutshell: when people go to Google or another search engine to perform a search for a particular thing, they enter what they’re looking for in the search bar. The search engine uses those keywords to pull up a list of websites that match what the user is looking for, so he or she can click one of the links and find exactly what they wanted. The better the keywords match the words found in the content of a website, the higher it ranks in the results. One easy way to optimize your website is to find out which keywords are the most used when searching for products or services that your company sells and use those words in your page titles and meta-descriptions that appear in Google search results. This will increase your website’s presence on a search results page and bring it closer to the top of the list.

Give Each Service its Own Page

Let’s say you’re a plumber who also provides heating and cooling services as well as emergency assistance. By lumping all of your services together on one page of your website, you are reducing your chances of ranking at or near the top of a search engine results page. By giving each service your business provides its own page, you are helping Google or another search engine match you with the exact keywords a user is searching for, so that your page ranks higher. For instance, a person whose toilet is currently overflowing may enter keywords such as “emergency plumbing” in the search bar. If emergency services is mentioned just once along with a sea of other plumbing services you provide, your page won’t rank that high. But if you have an entire service page dedicated to the emergency plumbing side of your business, you can improve your chances of having that page appear at or near the top of the list of search results, which can lead to a jump in traffic to your site.

Know Your Keywords

Of course, none of this matters in the least if you are not aware which keywords people are using when searching for products or services that match what you’re selling. One of the best ways to pinpoint relevant keywords is to use Google Analytics. This free tool can provide metrics on your website’s activity, including a list of keywords that led visitors to your website in the first place. By hiring an SEO professional to help you further analyze your search rankings, you can uncover even more keywords that can drive organic traffic to your site, leading to an increased conversion rate and a reduced bounce rate.

Add Links to Social Media

These days, having a strong social media presence is a key component of a successful marketing strategy. Make sure your social media posts always link back to your website so potential customers who see one of your posts have easy access to your company’s site so they can check it out right away. This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to get your brand and message out to the people who need to see it most!

Add Local Signals

Local SEO is crucial to your business if you are hoping to attract customers in your area. Businesses such as restaurants, retail shops and providers of services rely on local traffic to increase their client base and become well-known in their city. You can accomplish this by adding local signals such as embedded Google maps to your meta-description that shows up on a search results page. That way, when people search for a company like yours using location parameters like a city name or a zip code, your business can pop up near the top of the list. Be sure to include your address at the footer of your page so that it comes up in search results for the specific street, city, state and zip code of your location.

Contact an SEO Expert for Help!

Optimizing your website is an essential part of increasing your visibility among your targeted prospect base and winning more conversions. By making a few changes to your site, you can enjoy the rewards of boosted organic traffic, increased ranking, and reduced bounce rate. Echero can help you with all of your SEO needs so your company can begin gaining the online presence it needs! Contact Echero today to speak with one of our SEO experts 925-998-5313!

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