How Many SEM’s Miss the SEO Mark

The brave new world of digital marketing can be daunting and intimidating for business owners who have little to no experience with computers or technology. Just the jargon that is casually tossed around by those who are in the know can sound like a foreign language for someone who isn’t SEO-savvy. If you need help navigating these murky waters to come out on the other side with a strong digital marketing game, your best bet is to hire a SEM, or search engine marketer. Having a professional in your corner who knows this SEO stuff inside and out can benefit you in a bunch of ways, not to mention take the seemingly overwhelming task of creating fresh, relevant content on a regular basis off of your plate.

Before you hire just any SEM, though, it’s crucial to know what you’re looking for. Since digital marketing is a relatively new industry, an astounding amount of relatively inexperienced people are hanging out their SEM shingles, trying to get business without having much of an idea what they’re doing. To get the most out of your marketing budget and ensure that your SEM is building a campaign that will get you the exposure and conversions you need to grow your business, try to look for an SEM who doesn’t make these common mistakes:

Overdoing Keywords

It’s no secret that a piece of web content needs to contain relevant keywords in order to boost search engine rankings. However, less-experienced SEMs tend to sacrifice quality of content in favor of a keyword-laden nightmare that sounds completely unnatural and can be quite a turnoff to prospective clients. A good SEM thinks of keywords like seasoning in a dish they’re cooking- it’s better to sprinkle them in for added flavor rather than overpower the rest of the ingredients with them.

Not Including CTAs

A CTA, or call to action, is the part of your content that spurs your targeted audience into making a conversion- whether that is filling out a form, signing up for a service or purchasing a product, your CTA is the statement that causes your prospects to do what you want them to do. Needless to say, it’s pretty important. Now imagine you’re working with a SEM who doesn’t add a CTA to the content on your landing page- even if relevant keywords boost your organic traffic, you’re still not going to get the conversions you want, making the whole thing kind of pointless. A strong CTA that spurs prospects into action without being overly pushy or “sales-y” is what you’re aiming for, and an experienced SEM will be able to get you just that.

Leaving CTA’s out of Page Titles and Descriptions

We just talked about how important CTAs are to win you the conversions you’re seeking, but many inexperienced SEMs don’t realize that it’s also vital to include a CTA in the title or description of your landing page. This not only increases the click-through rate, or CTR, from a search engine results page, but also ensures that your message is reaching an audience that is looking for exactly what your business offers, increasing your chances of making those all-important conversions.

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