Why Mobile Means More Now Than Ever

Unless you’ve spent the last ten years in a cave, you are aware that the popularity of mobile devices is at a fever pitch among consumers. The advent of the iPhone ten years ago heralded in a new era of computing- for the first time in history, more consumers are accessing the internet and conducting online searches with their mobile devices than with a standard desktop or laptop computer.

Because of this seismic shift in how we use the internet to access information on the go, it is essential that businesses of all sizes act accordingly and up the mobile-friendly properties of their websites. If your website is not currently optimized for mobile devices, now is the time to make sure it is. Here’s what you need to know about the importance of mobile to your website and your company, and how you can use a mobile-friendly website to your competitive advantage.

Convenience is Key

If you are accessing a business’s website on your mobile device, chances are you value convenience, ease of use and accessibility no matter where you are. This is a key feature of a website that is optimized for mobile device use: your mobile-friendly website should be just as intuitive and easy to use as the device itself. By making sure the mobile version of your website is easy to access, contains the most important information in small, easily-accessible bites, and avoids excessive graphics or text that can cause the page to load slowly over an LTE network, you can be sure that mobile visitors will find what they need, when they need it, so they can take the next steps to make that all-important conversion.

Different (Key)Strokes

When you think about how we use mobile devices compared with laptops or desktop computers, you can see why a website would have to be configured differently for mobile use. First of all, there is no full keyboard readily available, making the entry of data more tedious and problematic for mobile users. This can easily be mitigated by enabling data to be entered onto your mobile site with easy-to-swipe buttons and drop-down menus instead of data entry fields.

Keep “Mobile” in Mind

Along these same lines, keep the “mobile” factor in mind and remember that visitors may be actively on the go when accessing your website. Keep the most important information, such as phone number and address, prominently displayed for easy access, so users can quickly call your store or get GPS directions to your location even if they’re driving.

Contact an SEO Expert to Go Mobile Today

Mobile devices have revolutionized the use of the internet, and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Now is the time to make sure your company’s website is optimized for mobile device use. Don’t get left behind by your competition- contact Echero today to speak with our SEO experts for mobile solutions that will help you stay relevant in this brave new world!

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