Moving? Tell Your SEM Expert

As your business continues to grow and thrive, chances are that at some point you’ll move to a bigger space, open a second store location, or relocate to a part of town that benefits your target client base. Whatever the reason, when you find yourself in a situation where you’re going to be moving on up, it is essential that you let your SEM professional know right away. The success of your local SEO depends on correct contact information- it’s never too early to get your SEM expert on the case so they can take the necessary steps to update your location information.

Time for a NAP

When it comes to the most important information for local SEO, remember to NAP: this stands for Name, Address, Phone, and can make all the difference between all-star local SEO and subpar local search rankings. The reason is simple: if your NAP is incorrect in a Google local search listing, this can hinder your prospects’ ability to contact your business or visit a store location. This leads to a significant decrease in both your website traffic and physical traffic to your store. Let your SEM expert in on your plans to relocate ASAP so they can take measures to make sure your NAP is always on point.

Double Trouble

 If you are moving to a new building, or opening a second store location, your first instinct may be to create a second Google local search listing, or make a whole different website for the new shop. Before you even start, stop! Contact your SEM professional so he or she can update your existing local search listing rather than create a confusing duplicate, as well as come up with rockstar solutions for advertising a second branch and linking that store’s info to the website you already have. Your SEM expert is also the go-to person for advice on how best to drive local traffic to the new location, and can give you insights on marketing strategies that will help boost local SEO for your new digs.

Contact an SEO Expert Today

Moving can be stressful in any situation- let your SEM professional help! We can take the lead on what needs to be done to update your local SEO so that your rankings aren’t negatively impacted by the move. We’ll help you have one less headache when it comes to the often-tedious task of relocating, so you can focus on the other aspects of your big move.

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