What’s the Difference Between Local and Global SEO?

Over the past decade, SEO, or search engine optimization, has become one of the fundamentals of digital marketing strategies. Companies across multiple industries utilize SEO best practices to give their websites an edge over local, national, and even global competition. If you’ve been looking into boosting your website’s SEO, chances are you’ve heard about local SEO and how it can help get core members of your local target audience interested in your products or services. But what’s the difference between local SEO and global SEO- and do you need both of them in order to boost your search engine rankings? We’ve got some SEO tips to help break down the difference and point you in the right direction.

What’s Local SEO?

As its name implies, local SEO campaigns optimize search results using keywords and phrases targeted to a specific region. Keyphrases such as “hair salons in Baltimore,” “Seattle pizza restaurant,” or “Bookstores in 90210” are all examples of terms that are likely to be entered during a search for a local business. A localized SEO strategy is key for a business that caters mainly or exclusively to people within a certain community, city, or state. By employing local SEO, small business owners are able to get the word out about their locally-owned companies and restaurants.

What’s Global SEO?

But what if your company services more than just one region? What if you have several locations serving multiple cities or even states? In this case, global SEO may be something worth looking into. Though the term “global SEO” sounds like you may need to be a multi-billion dollar corporation that provides services to people in all the countries on Earth, global SEO is also an appropriate strategy to adopt if your business only operates in a handful of states, or even in two or three different regions of the same state.

So What’s the Difference?

Simply put, while every business, large and small, needs a local SEO strategy, not every business needs to go global with their search engine optimization efforts. Additionally, having a global SEO game that’s on point is not enough, even for larger companies- it is still very important to target specific regions through local SEO campaigns in addition to your global SEO strategy.

By understanding local versus global SEO, you can develop strong campaigns that not only drive organic search engine traffic to your company’s website but also edge out your competition and increase your page rankings.

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